The Challenge

Focusing the security team’s resources on what’s attractive and exposed to attackers

Sophisticated attackers seek the Path of Least Resistance to compromise the organization’s network, NOT necessarily most critical CVE or asset. Mitigating these potential Attack Vectors requires continuous and comprehensive Attack Surface Analysis to identify the most attractive security weak spots in the eyes of the attacker.

  • Discovery

    Analyze the organization’s entire Attack Surface to uncover security blind spots, including unknown/unmanaged assets, third-party and old environments and cloud components.
  • Triage

    Prioritize security issues based on ease of discovery, asset attractiveness and exploitability → the Path of Least Resistance defining elements.
  • Remediation

    Eliminate security flaws with guided, step-by-step instructions to address critical issues as they appear.

CyCognito Solution

CyCognito’s SaaS platform continuously simulates sophisticated attackers actual reconnaissance and examination processes across live infrastructure and network assets to provide comprehensive Attack Surface Analysis in real-time.

CyCognito enables security teams to eliminate critical attack vectors in both:

  • Known and unknown assets
  • Internal and 3rd party components
  • On-premise and cloud environments
  • Software vulnerabilities and implementation flaws
  • Infrastructure and applications
What an attacker can see, CyCognito enables security teams to see and remediate in advance.

CyCognito by the numbers:

  • 5
    "Ticking bombs" VS. thousands of unexploitable “security issues”
  • 100%
    Actionable remediation instructions
  • 0
    and company resources

CyCognito disrupts today’s asymmetry between attackers and enterprises

Industry Standard

Scan periodically only known network assets and monitor for evidence of breaches after they have occurred.

Prioritize solely by CVEs’ severity of vulnerability.

Require integration and enterprise resources to implement and maintain.

CyCognito's Solution

Scans what is actually seen by attackers, continuously, automatically, and in real-time, including both known and unknown network assets.

Prioritizes according to issue discoverability, attractiveness, exploitation complexity, and potential impact.

Requires no deployment, integration or configuration.

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